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Kristiana Gregory

This is a place for information about my books and answers to some frequent questions (go to Answers for Students page). If you have other questions, or comments, please feel free to e-mail me (see below). I try to answer all letters and emails. Scholastic is very good at forwarding your letters to me. Once again, welcome and enjoy your visit.

Kristiana Gregory has written over 30 books for middle-school readers. She was an original author in the Dear America series for Scholastic and has written for the Royal Diary and My America series. Her other books include a California trilogy about pirates and mining towns. Her first book, Jenny of the Tetons, was set in Idaho and won the Golden Kite Award for best new children's book.

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"There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away."

-- Emily Dickinson


I'm very excited to announce my first EBook on Amazon. After 30 books with various publishers I decided to blaze a new trail, much like Nessa did in my Prairie River book series. It's a different sort of book for me, most like a thriller.You can buy it by clicking this link for the Amazon Kindle store:  Stalked

It's also available in paperback at Amazon. I hope you like it.

When I learned that my Danish great-grandfather spent much of his life in an insane asylum in Wisconsin, my mind raced. How did this young man hoping for a new beginning in America end up "criminally insane?" France medicine What was he like when he stepped off the ship from Copenhagen and how did he get by the strict medical examiners on Ellis Island?

After visits to this Island of Tears and several years of research and writing, my story is finished. This young adult novel didn't turn out as I had originally planned -- fellow writers, I know you understand this! -- but it was birthed by those questions of how and why. Coupled with family lore that my great-grandmother worked in the Danish royal palace, well, here we are! The setting is 1912, in the Lower East Side tenements of New York City. I hope you like this new adventure of mine, which is starting out as an e-book on Kindle: $.99 through December 31st then $4.99. Cover art and interior illustrations are by my son, Cody Rutty. I'll close here with its summary:

When Rikke Svendsen, a 15-year-old Danish servant arrives at Ellis Island, she realizes a fellow passenger on her voyage to America—whose advances she spurned—is stalking her. In the chaos of immigration and trying to flee him, she gets stranded in New York City instead of being able to meet family in Racine, Wisconsin. Relieved to have eluded the man, she finds work in the tenements as a seamstress for a film company and struggles to earn money for a train ticket north. Meanwhile through letters and telegrams, she learns that mysterious accidents are befalling her loved ones in Racine with deadly results. As Rikke pieces together clues, frantic for her sweetheart Viggo, she seeks to unravel what or who is behind the terror.




Now Available from Scholastic

The War Approaches the End

Abigail Jane Stewart returns in this brand-new sequel to THE WINTER OF RED SNOW. The Revolutionary War toils on, but the Stewart family can no longer avoid getting involved. Abby's father joins the Continental Army, while Abby, her mother, and her siblings become camp followers. They face daily hardships alongside the troops and continue to spend time helping the Washingtons. Filled with romance and adventure, Abby's frontline view of the war captures the heartache and bravery of the soldiers, as well as the steep cost of freedom.